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Yasuaki Onishi. Hot Glue


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Lovely Water by Cian McKenna

Sandycove, Dublin

Lovely Water from Cian McKenna on Vimeo.

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Good FridayBaptism SaturdayEaster Sunday

tis weekend will die and live

Good Friday
Baptism Saturday
Easter Sunday

tis weekend will die and live

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no definite number of hours of sleep
that can give this soul some rest

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Be strong.

Be strong.

Marilyn Minter, oil on canvas

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one stormy night my girlfriend saw what we thought was a dead sparrow below our balcony. he was barely breathing, covered in ants and completely blind.

we brought him home and put him in a box. after spending a night in our bedroom, he woke us up with high pitched tweeting. we tried feeding him, but without any luck, so we placed him on our balcony. he continued tweeting non stop for three hours.

finally, his father found him and started feeding him. he brought his chick huge bugs and bread every 10-15 minutes all day long for two weeks straight.

he was getting bigger every day, but he was still blind. i called a vet, and he told me to try simple eye drops. it worked like a charm! he even started hiding from us behind our flowers. soon, his father started showing him how to fly trough the window.

one day he just left – we knew this day would come eventually. we became really worried because that same night, and for the next few days, there was really stormy weather. however, three days later, he came back and fell asleep in one of our pots.

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