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“If you’re dating a man who doesn’t read the Word daily, he’s probably not going to be a husband who initiates growth in your marriage. If he doesn’t pray daily and passionately, he’s probably not going to be a man who initiates consistent, loving and deep communication. If he isn’t passionate about serving the Church, it’s unlikely he’ll be a man who’ll disciple your children. If you’re a woman who’s not married yet, don’t be deceived by a man’s “honeymoon” actions - look at his relationship with his mother and his God because it’s unlikely he’ll treat you better than those two. If you’re a woman who’s already married to a man who doesn’t do these things… PRAY! =p”
- Vicky SMN

“If you’re looking for a Godly woman, the help, the completion to a man’s imperfections, then look to her obedience and submission to her earthly and heavenly Father.

Ask yourself these questions, more important than vision/compatibility or hot&holy. I used to make a list out of Proverbs 31, but now have narrowed down to the essentials.

1) Does she have discipline (Word)
2) Does she love truth (Prayer)
3) Does she give extravagantly (Love)

1) Discipline - whether it’s running, cleaning or studying. 
Cleaning is equivalent to having the Word come purify her heart and wash away the worldly filth to make her holy and blameless before the Lord. (Eph 5.26) Her love and hunger for the Word of God and daily applied to her heart will be the same way her future household is kept tidy in the Word.

2) Truth - Prayer is not just communicating with God, but it is prostrating ourselves when we encounter our Holy God. Woman that love truth will not hide or try to run away from life’s struggles, but instead they long to draw closer to the truth of God and walk in relationship to our Holy God (2 John 1.4-6). When life gets difficult and troubles arise, this woman will draw closer to the truth of God and enter into season of prayer. Sometimes, she will not allow her husband to compromise from the truth and make sure he keeps his vows to the Lord. There is no hiddenness but all is exposed. She rather see her husband pay the consequence now, rather than hide and be damned to eternal punishment.

3) Giving Extravagantly
You don’t want a woman who is afraid to give herself wholeheartedly to the Lord, the church, family and her husband. Woman who gives extravagantly knows how to love gloriously. This type of woman has been forgiven of much and will love much (Luke 7.47). Women will worship without cause or reason, just that her heart is full of love for the Lord. This woman will nurture and nourish her future offsprings not only out of herself but most importantly through the Spirit of God.

I write these things to you so that you may believe…
Blessed is the man who walks in such Godliness that you find such woman of faith. 
The secret to me not aging in san diego.”
— PT

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